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Vuelta Bidon
White Bidon
Yellow Bidon
Bristol blue Bidon
Polka Dot Bidon
Giro Bidon

Bristol Bidons - Porcelain vases based on cycling bottles celebrating cycling and living in Bristol


The bottles come in different colour/ designs linked to iconic cycling jerseys. 

Yellow: Tour de France leader

Polka Dot:  Tour de France king of the mountains

Pink: Giro Italia leader

Red: Vuelta Espania leader

They also come in white porcelain and Bristol blue


The bottles feature rainbow stripes linking to the word champions jersey and to the championing of diversity and peace.


The front of the bottles include information on the population and lattitude + longitude of the city


The back of the bottles show symbols relating to the city


Bottles are approx 18cm high in Porcelain

Bottles are a repeatable design and can be made to order at a cost of £45 + postage

The smaller Classic Bidon (approx 15.5cm high, pictured in the gallery below - no stripe) can be ordered at £38 + postage

For further information and how to order go to the Purchasing Ceramics page



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