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Plastic Memory - The Ocean

These camera less images were created from domestic plastic waste floating in water, they were made by shining light through the water onto photographic paper, Making an image of both the plastic and the ripples in the water. Some of the images are cyanotype prints that have been printed onto heavyweight watercolour paper. The cyanotype process gives the strong blue colour


Plastic is dumped into the oceans at a rate equivalent to one garbage truck every minute. The great eastern Pacific garbage patch or Great Pacific Gyre is a massive area with a high concentration. Plastics in the ocean do not biodegrade, as they gradually break down into smaller and smaller pieces their toxicity often increases. Plastic waste is found inside animals throughout the ocean food chain, from mussels to sea turtles to whales. Toxicity concentrates in the top predators such as Tuna from where it can enter the human food chain. Abandoned massive cheap plastic nets drown larger marine creatures such as Hawksbill turtles, whose favourite food is jellyfish. Some observers believe that jellyfish will soon come to rule our seas as they become too polluted and toxic for fish

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