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Rueyres, Pylonland

August 2014


The small rural village of Rueyres in the Aveyron region is situated in the middle of the second largest electricity distribution centre in France 


Barrage de Sarrans, The Drained Lake 

August 2014 


The lake at Sarrans in the Aveyron region of France was created in 1934 by the building of a dam for the production of hydro-electric power, Every 40 years the lake is drained to allow for inspection and repairs to the dam. The dam was drained early in 2014, when I visited during the summer the fertile mud had sprung into life, carpeting the lake bed with green out of which protruded black petrified trees. 


Greetings from Avonmouth  



These photographs of Bristol’s industrial hinterland were made during numerous bike rides to gather imagery for the In My Backyard book, and as part of the search for imagery to use on my ceramics.

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