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Pylon Teacup
Pylon Teacup
Ship Cake Plate
Hawks & helicopters dish
Blue Garden
Pylon sideplate blue
Flowership plate
Burst Sideplate purple
Compression side plate
Arrows Saucer
Arrows Cup


Appropriated Ceramics  



These are the first ceramics that I worked with, there is a high failure rate when refiring antique ceramics – you loose more than half in the kiln


These ceramic pieces are mostly vintage Victorian porcelain, which has been modified by the addition of hand printed ceramic decals, they have then been fired to make the additions permanent and the pieces usable. In these pieces the industrial and the domestic collide. I hope that the work raises questions about the provenance of objects and the cost of our obsession with newness

Custom decals on white commercial ceramics


These pieces were made on on commercially produced ware using mainly hand screenprinted decals, the ware was mainly sourced from factories near Limoges.


Cast Ceramics


With these pieces I started to create vessels by pouring clay slip into plaster moulds. Pieces were cast in in porcelain using moulds from old bottles and modern packaging. I also started to use underglaze colours with decals applied on top of them.

Vuelta Bidon
White Bidon
Yellow Bidon
Bristol blue Bidon
Polka Dot Bidon
Giro Bidon

Bristol Bidons - Porcelain vases based on cycling bottles celebrating cycling and living in Bristol


The bottles come in different colour/ designs linked to iconic cycling jerseys. 

Yellow: Tour de France leader

Polka Dot:  Tour de France king of the mountains

Pink: Giro Italia leader

Red: Vuelta Espania leader

They also come in white porcelain and Bristol blue


The bottles feature rainbow stripes linking to the word champions jersey and to the championing of diversity and peace.


The front of the bottles include information on the population and lattitude + longitude of the city


The back of the bottles show symbols relating to the city


Bottles are approx 18cm high in Porcelain

Beakers and Vessels


These slipcast pieces were concerned with gaining control of colour and form and starting to use layering to build surface interest, street imagery such as road markings and barcodes combines and contrasts with more traditional floral forms of ceramic adornement

Pouring splattering and painting with slip


Realising that I could treat the inside of the mould as a blank canvas I started to splatter, pour and paint on the mould before filling it with slip, Once the vessel had been glazed a further layer of ceramic decals are added and fired onto the piece

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